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David Gibson 
 Access Integrated
 Access Point
 Affordable Phone
 Alternative Phone
Terry Wales 
Dale Morgenstern 
Tim Barry 
Brenda Lunceford E911 Service Manager
Debbie King Service Consultant
Tammy Maddox E911 Project Manager
Ray Preston Account Manager
Redonna Leckie Sales Engineer
E911 Regional Service Center 
Betty Simmons Customer Care Project Manager
Christine Phelan 
Woody Rehberg 
 Bright House
Gary Honeycutt 
 Budget Phone
 Business Momentum
Janis Farrell 
 Business Telecom
Tammy Williams 
Sandy Nelson 
 Charter Communication
Brad Miller 
Sheri Pringle 
 Comm South
Cliff Heard 
 Contact Network
David Young 
 Fast Phones
Roger Richter 
 Florida Digital Network
David Perue 
 Global Connection
James Etheredge 
 Grabeca Total
Chris Rand 
Lynda Bordelon 
 Gulf Telephone
Jerry Cherne 
Tammy Williams 
 Image Access
David Froneberger 
Tammy Morse 
 ITC Deltacom
Jeff Mitchell 
Bruce Schoonover 
Dena Hunter 
 Level 3
 Lightyear Network
 MCI Metro
 MCI Worldcom
 Metro Telecom
 Metro Teleconnect
 Momentum Business
 Momentum Telecom
 New Hope
 Now Acquisition
 Phone Home
 Quantum Shift
 Seven Bridges
 South Central Bell
 Southern Digital
 Talk America
 TC Systems
 TCG Midsouth
 Tennessee Telephone
First Person Sales Associate
 Test Telecommunications
FirstName LastName Chief of Operations
 Test Telecommunications
 The Other Phone Co.
 Union Springs TelCo
 Unity Acquistions
 Valley Telephone